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Enneagram: The Enthusiast       Keirsey Reader: The Performer

ESFPs make up about 10% of the US population

ESFPs are notoriously enthusiastic, love to talk, and love to entertain! They are people’s people, constantly talking about so many different things and bouncing from topic to topic. They love being the centre of attention. The world is a stage to them whether they are in their home, office, workplace, or stage! They’re continually searching for the next event to attend so they can entertain the guests and make them happy.

“The dominant function of ESFPs is concerned with the reality that is perceived through their senses. This type’s prime directive is to examine the tangible through taste, touch, sight, feeling and hearing. The ESFPs need for new experiences surely results from the sensing function (S in ESFP).”       TypeLogic.com

“Like the other Artisans, Performers are incurably optimistic – “Always look on the bright side,” is their motto – and they will avoid worries and troubles by ignoring them as long as possible. They are also the most generous of all the types, and second only to the Composer Artisans [ISFPs] in kindness. They give what they have to one and all without expectation of reward, just as they love freely, and without expecting anything in return. In so many ways, Performers view life as an eternal cornucopia from which flows an endless supply of pleasures.”     Keirsey.com


Famous ESFPs: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Magic Johnson, Pablo Picasso, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Elvis, and Saint Mark.

Famous Fictional ESFPs: Homer Simpson and Kelly Bundy.



Careers: An ideal career for the ESFP would allow them to be friendly and outgoing, communicative, fun, and multitasking. They enjoy busy and thriving work environments, where they can work with a lot of other people on a stream of different tasks that have a real practical benefit to people. Their natural sensing part of their personalities likes to rely on facts and on the here-and-now.

“The ESFP personality type will naturally move towards careers that allow them to get personally involved in the tasks at hand, working directly with clients or customers, out in the field rather than away from the action. Also, they will be natural for careers requiring the skillful handling of people and conflicts, the ability to ease tensions, and the ability to motivate others. In addition, work that lets them interact throughout the workday with other easygoing and social people who share their enthusiasm, energy, and realistic point of view will be rewarding!”   http://www.personality-power-for-everyday-living.com/ESFP-personality.html

The Top 10 careers where ESFPs can really shine with their natural skills are:

Top 10 careers taken from TeamTechnology.co.uk

Some other career titles include:

  • Actor                                  Entrepreneur                           Musician
  • Artist                                  Fashion Designer                    Painter
  • Child Care                         Human Resources                  Photographer
  • Coach                                 Interior Decorator                 Sales
  • Comedian                         Marketer                                    Scientist
  • Consultant                       Military                                       Trainer

Career choices taken from MyPersonality.info


In Leadership roles ESFPs take on a Get-Things-Going leadership style.

“The theme is persuading and involving others. They thrive in facilitator or catalyst roles and aim to inspire others to move to action, facilitating the process. Their focus is on interaction, often with an expressive style. They Get-Things-Going with upbeat energy, enthusiasm, and excitement, which can be contagious. Exploring options and possibilities, making preparations, discovering new ideas, and sharing insights are all ways they get people moving along. They want decisions to be participative and enthusiastic, with everyone involved and engaged.” 16types.com

ESFPs in relationships “embrace their love relationships in a Big way – similar to the way they approach their lives in general. They love to be in love, and will try to make the most of each moment. They take things on a day-by-day basis, and are uncomfortable thinking too much about the future, or making plans far in advance. For this reason, ESFPs are not natural long-term commitment people. They may feel tremendously committed on a day-by-day basis, but they do not naturally plan for their futures.

This commitment issue is a potential pitfall for the ESFP. Many people of this type overcome this potential weakness, and become involved in truly satisfying, lifelong relationships. Others do not address this weakness, and move from relationship to relationship without forming real commitments, convincing themselves that this is what they truly want.” Their natural partner is the ISTJ or the ISFJ.         PersonalityPage.com




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