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ENFP: The Visionary


Enneagram: The Enthusiast             Keirsey Reader: The Champion

ENFPs make up about 6-8% of the US population

ENFPs are powerfully enthusiastic, hate routine, are fiercely independent and original, and are good at creating ideas but not usually at completing them. Their energy comes in pulses instead of in concentrated activity. They throw themselves into every possibility they dream up and work intensely to the point where they know it will work. From then on, someone else can take over. “Emerging possibilities are compelling motives from which intuition cannot escape.” (Gifts Differing, Briggs-Myers & Myers, Page 107)

ENFPs lives are a series of projects. ENFPs are extremely curious and want to search and be involved in everything!

The 2 positive criticism areas are:

  1. Picking a project and sticking with it to completion. A developed feeling or thinking personality would be able to offer beneficial advice and a standard for evaluating their ideas.
  2. Using their energies towards an idea that has potential value.

They bring charm and ingenuity and understanding wherever they go, which helps them be very effective leaders.

Famous ENFPs: Mark Twain, Bill Cosby, James Dobson (“Focus on the Family”), Meg Ryan, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Alicia Silverstone, Robert Downey, Will Smith, and Julie Andrews.

Famous Fictional ENFPs: Ariel (The Little Mermaid), The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Steve Irkle.

Taken from TypeLogic.com

Careers: “If they are lucky enough to find their calling in a line of work that permits such a stream of projects, the successive enthusiasms build themselves into a coherent career. For writers it may be a sequence of books, each presenting a different problem to be solved, written, and put on the shelf. For a business person, it may be the successive expansions of a business into new fields; for a college Professor, the renewed challenge of an entering class.” (Gifts Differing, Briggs-Myers & Myers, Page 107)

The Top 10 careers where ENFPs can really shine with their natural skills are:

Top 10 careers taken from TeamTechnology.co.uk

Some other career titles include:

  • Accountant/Auditor             Actor
  • Art Director                              Artist
  • Banker/Economist                Career Counselor
  • Church Worker                        Conference Planner
  • Consultant                                 Designer
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist           Diplomat
  • Editor                                          Engineer
  • Entrepreneur                           Homemaker
  • Housing Director                    Human Resources
  • Journalist                                  Lawyer/Attorney
  • Marketer                                    Massage Therapist
  • Merchandise Planner           Musician
  • Newscaster                               Nurse
  • Politician                                   Project Manager
  • Psychologist/Counselor     Public Relation
  • Researcher                                Scientist
  • Senior Manager                       Social Scientist
  • Social Worker                           Speech Pathologist
  • Teacher/Professor                 Technical Specialist
  • Trainer                                        Writer

Career choices taken from MyPersonality.info

In Leadership roles ENFPs take on a Get-Things-Going leadership style.

“The theme is persuading and involving others. They thrive in facilitator or catalyst roles and aim to inspire others to move to action, facilitating the process. Their focus is on interaction, often with an expressive style. They Get-Things-Going with upbeat energy, enthusiasm, and excitement, which can be contagious. Exploring options and possibilities, making preparations, discovering new ideas, and sharing insights are all ways they get people moving along. They want decisions to be participative and enthusiastic, with everyone involved and engaged.”              16types.com

ENFPs in relationships match well with other intuitive feeling types. In fact couples with both N and F (intuitive feeling types) have the highest couple satisfactions out of all of the types. ENFPs take their relationships very seriously but love to be playful and enthusiastic. They are warm, affectionate, and can be smothering. The ENFP needs reassurance and positive affection. They usually stay longer in relationships that are damaging, and take the result of the relationship on their own shoulders.


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