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Today, lets try to use VINEGAR instead of harmful cleaning products!

Vinegar is a natural all-purpose cleaner.

You can also use Lemon/Orange Juice to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits.

Baking soda can be used to scrub surfaces and remove smells, especially in fridges.

So get that vinegar and lemon juice out and lets start scrubbing to a healthier earth.

Some facts:

The toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution!

The Average American uses about 25 Gallons of toxic, hazardous chemical products per year in their home… A major portion of these can be found in household cleaning products.

Indoor air is 3 to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Toxic-energy-healing-therapy.com     and     AspenClean.com

“Over 100 chemicals commonly found in homes have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, psychological abnormalities, skin reactions, headaches, depression, joint pain, chronic fatigue, chest pains, dizziness, loss of sleep, asthma. . .the list goes on.

[People working from home] have a 55% higher risk of getting cancer than [people] working outside the home. This most likely has to do with the products they use on a daily basis. Nervous disorders and respiratory problems have also been linked to hazardous substances in the home.”


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Today SMILE at a homeless person you see on the street. If you there are none, SMILE at someone as they walk past you.  Just ONE person. It’s the best way to give something for FREE!!!

You never know who’s day you’re brightening or who’s life you might save.

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I just finished browsing the book “Do One Nice Thing” by Debbie Tenzer. The book inspired me so much that I created the Do Good Daily Bonbon note as part of the blog.

The first Do Good Daily Bonbon is:

Bake organic cupcakes for your mom, dad, sister, brother, or a friend who you think deserves to know how special they are today! You can make them for yourself too! And write a little note as to WHY you think they are special.

Here’s the recipe I use to make deLICIOUS organic cupcakes.

It only costs about $4 to make 25!

1. Buy the President’s Choice chocolate organic cake mix
2. Buy vanilla icing (any brand works)
3. 3 eggs
4. 125 mL olive oil
5. 150 mL water

Mix the eggs, olive oil, water, and cake mix ingredients together in a bowl with a mixer and place the batter into a cupcake tray to fill 24 cupcakes.

Bake for 20 minutes on 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let the cupcakes cool off for 25 minutes and then ice them with icing using a table knife.

If you use this recipe, it only costs 16 cents to make one cupcake!

Spread the L.O.V.E!

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old woman beautiful

The Do GOOD Daily BonBon is an idea of what you can do today that will help change the world!

Since Christmas and the Holidays are coming up, you can purchase an early gift for someone (and give it to them later) AND help an entrepreneur in a developing country at the same time!

How can you do this you ask?

Well if you go to KIVA.org, you can pick from hundreds of entrepreneurs (their stories are listed) and give as little as $25 towards bringing an ambitious person out of poverty! People appreciate these gifts far more than having another unnecessary trinket.

Some stats: An educated girl will apply 90% of her income back into her family, while a boy invests only 35%. (I still like men, I’m not trying to hate here :)).

In Africa, children of mothers who receive five years of primary education are 40 percent more likely to live beyond age five.

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The Do GOOD TIP is a way of HOW you can do good, no matter how little or how much you have! Let’s spread the love with random acts of kindness wherever you are in the world!

How did I come up with this? Well I was attending the Harvard Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, and I met the man who created the Ethos Water campaign at Starbucks, but also the DO GOOD Letter, which was a weekly circulated paper in all US Starbucks with a topic of how one could do good. I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea, so I created this within the blog.

Under ‘Categories’ on the right panel click on DO GOOD TIP and be inspired to a world of possibility!

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